You can evaluate an MLM by using Dr. Taylor’s 5-step do-it-yourself MLM evaluation quiz to predict whether or not you can expect to make any money from an MLM. It is based on 20 years’ research and analysis of the compensation plans of 600 MLMs.

Before we share our evaluations, please do your own evaluation here. Use with any MLM or “direct selling” program.

We will not be responsible for the consequences of a decision that is ultimately yours to make. (See Disclaimer.) But we are confident that you will here receive the best advice available on how to make that decision. To begin, obtain the compensation plan of the MLM program you are considering. Then answer the questions for each step and follow the links to its conclusion. To be fully informed, read the background information for each of the “5 red flags.” When you have completed all five steps, see how your evaluation compares to ours.

Since it is based on solid research, it is much safer to use this “5-step Do-it-yourself MLM Evaluation” as the basis for evaluating MLMs than to accept the claims of MLM recruiters on potential income – especially since law enforcement seldom requires disclosure of information essential to making a good decision about joining an MLM.

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4 Comments on “Evaluating MLMs”

  1. sirima

    I’m losing money now just beginning my own business as a realtor on the expense in running the company. I’ve seen people put in money and start their own business and lost money. What difference does that make to starting a business in MLM? How many people lost money through company layoffs? Have you made a study on that?

    1. JonMTaylor

      Yes. Go to the statistics page at You can also get a thorough financial analysis of 50 MLM companies in Chapter 7 of my eBook “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked”, which can be downloaded free of charge from this web site. Your odds of making money in MLM are worse than gambling in Vegas.

  2. loan

    Excellent post. . . and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information particularly the last
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