Jon Taylor observes Nu Skin convention as ex-distributor

On my way to an appointment in the Salt Lake area, I decided to visit the Delta Center, where the Utah Jazz excite fans with their brand of basketball. I had learned that the Delta Center (and the Salt Palace and the Hilton) was rented by NuSkin for their international convention.

I sauntered in, hoping not to be noticed by anyone who knew of my activism against MLM’s as disguised pyramid schemes. What I found was an audience of thousands of excited NuSkin distributors from all over the world treated to hoopla as sensational as any game ever played at this revered sports arena. As I looked over the sea of true believers, I wanted to shout out, WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBERS?

Speakers were touting the support of NuSkin of not only the Olympics (they are a major sponsor) but of the Special Olympics. Pictures of wheelchair athletes and those with prosthesis competing brought tears to the eyes of enthusiastic viewers. Then Karl Malone and other prominent athletes (especially Olympians) were shown in film clips with LifePak and other NuSkin/Pharmanex products, etc. This greatest of all business opportunities was extolled by speaker after speaker. But I wanted to hold up a sign reading, DOES ANYONE HERE UNDERSTAND THE NUMBERS?

Fireworks, drum rolls, laser lights to introduce each new speaker. A show of shows. And workshops covering every topic an enthusiastic networker would find interesting. Many in Oriental languages. And you would think you were visiting Tokyo from the appearance of the bulk of the audience, many from Japan where Nu Skin is huge. DON’T THE JAPANESE UNDERSTAND THE MATH?

I headed to the registration table, where I planned to seek a press pass to “write an article about MLM.” (Normal registration is $300 per person.) Someone stopped me. Oh, no—Joe R., the very sincere, persuasive person who recruited me for my one-year trial over 6 years ago! I was certain that if I ever ran into him, he would pull me over for a tongue lashing for my expose against MLM and NuSkin. But here I was among his associates and downline. Would they throw me to the floor and make me eat a pound of life-prolonging Pharmanex supplements? Or fill my shoes with a rejuvenating energy drink? Or smear my face with NuSkin miracle creams?

No such reaction. Joe hit me up with the same engaging smile—and a whole new pitch about how NuSkin with its new Big Planet Division was revolutionizing network marketing—and the web. He offered me a free VIP pass to see some of the presentations. DOES HE STILL REFUSE TO SEE THE NUMBERS?
Joe told me “We’ve having all the greatest speakers here. You know, Ronald Reagan, Cohn Powell, Gerald Ford, etc. etc.”

I told him I had to hurry to an appointment, so he gave me his cell number and told me to call.

Later, I called to clarify two things. “Did you say Reagan? Doesn’t he have Alzheimer’s.”

“Oh, that was at last year’s convention.”

“Wait a minute, Joe. He was too sick then.”

“Well, maybe that was two years ago.”

Actually, I remembered Pres. Reagan speaking several years ago at a NS convention. I also remembered that this basically good and honest man (Joe) had gone through a metamorphosis during the course of his NuSkin recruiting to the point that he could no longer distinguish truth from fiction. HE CERTAINLY COULD NOT GET THE NUMBERS STRAIGHT.

Then I asked if he had read anything I had written lately. No, he had not. I told him about my book The Network Marketing Game and asked if he’d seen it or any of the news accounts about it. No, he had not heard of it.

I did not tell him of my other reports, as I knew the numbers would mean nothing to him, as he seemed blind to anything negative about Nu Skin. Cognitive dissonance personified!

My book had received major media coverage throughout Utah, with over 500 column inches of space, and he had not even seen or heard of it. I found out through other sources that no one else in my up-line had heard of it either.

So my worst fears were exceeded. I had feared that my up-line would be out to get me and that I should lay low for fear of major retaliation for my whistle blowing. Something worse than retaliation happened – much worse.

Nobody noticed and nobody cared.

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  1. Ronald Legaspi

    Please explain how the numbers do not add up. Do you mean the commissions on the way up to being a Blue Diamond?

    Please elaborate on the numbers and the recruitment to climb the distributor ladder.

    I am exploring the possibility of being a Nu Skin distributor.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. JonMTaylor

      Go to the page “Nu Skin’s Naughty Numbers” (subhead under Research, then Statistics). Read also Chapter 7 of my eBook Multi-level Marketing Unmasked. It is all explained there.
      Nu Skin’s compensation plan is one of the most highly leveraged MLMs. Most of the commisssions go to a handful of TOPPs (top-of-the-pyramid promoters.) New recruits are being sold a ticket on a flight that has already left the ground.

  2. V.N.

    As of 6/19/2016 I cannot believe the stunt that NuSkin pulled on me. I came to utah from advertisement that I would be going to a seminar to learn about online business. Turns out that it is just a convention for Nu Skin. I was so mad, but stayed a few days to see when online buisness would show up. I am a student of sociology, so we have been trained to almost be immune to advertisement. They made me pay $80 for a ticket for 2 days. The whole 2 days it was solely the promotion of Nu Skin, making believers of Nu Skin, and how Nu Skin changes your life. I believe this is a way they make money, especially by targeting many vietnamese immigrants who desperately chase the American dream. Nu Skin knows this, so they play into their desires, and sells them a milllion dollar scheme. Peoples sense seem to go out the door. It was probably 650 people there by doing a multiplication of rows and columns of chairs filled. Thats about $52,000 for few days of motivation speaking and promotion of Nu Skin. I am sure they do this multiple times a month, and those numbers will add up fast. The whole time I was there, it felt wrong, down to my core. They never made me feel comfortable and when I told anyone I did not want any of this, they attacked my plan for the future. Its funny they talk about having an open mind but are so narrow minded when you tell them that you do not want a part of this. They talk about how they are different from the companies that do not even want to interact with you if you are not buying something, but they seem so negative towards my idea of not joining. You are introduced to successful people after another to try to make a believer out of you. I feel truly sorry for the vietnamese immigrants who are fooled so hard into this. In their speech, they said that Nu Skin has helped this lady loose 40 lbs, this man stop smoking, it will provide security for your family… I could go on. They promote it as a miracle that fixes everything, and one of their speakers even said that education is not important to a successful future. This is so wrong.. although you do not need an education to be successful, there are studies that show education is the most important factor in determining future success. This is because their target audience does not have a degree, so they tell them it is okay to not have one. They also promote people to leave their careers and sell their business to join Nu Skin. Nu Skin is so wrong in so many ways, I just wanted to share my experience and opinion.

    1. JonMTaylor

      Thank you for sharing your impressions of Nu Skin. Your observations could not be more on target.

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