Several videos and Power Point presentations about MLM have been produced. (Some have been shut down, but more may be coming):

Herbalife as a pyramid scheme. An excellent informational videos on identifying and protecting yourself against pyramid schemes, such as Herbalife. Produced by Pershing Square Capital Management.

“The Downline Movie,” an award-winning documentary that follows 5 recruits into a new MLM – Agel. Produced by Eric and Anjanette Martinez and directed by Eric Martinez and Jason Allred. The film has made the rounds of film festivals, but has not been made available to the general public. However, you can see a fun trailer at –

Some excellent presentations can be downloaded and viewed. These were prepared by Dr. Jon Taylor, Robert FitzPatrick, and others for various national and international law enforcement groups and business educators.

A Power Point presentation on PyramidSchemes-ECSC-rev2012 by Dr. Jon Taylor that was presented at the Economic Crime Summit Conference in Dallas in 2004.

A wonderful interview with Pyramid Scheme Alert president Robert FitzPatrick and plaintiff attorney Douglas Brooks was conducted by cult expert Steven Hassan called Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing exposed. It is well worth watching to gain a more clear understanding of MLM fraud.

Watch the very entertaining video “I’m Calling you Out: Pyramid Schemes” on the page Only you can prevent stupidity.” Great fun.

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